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Mayhem at the Morongo press release Rockstar/Hart & Huntington

Press Release – Morongo Rockstar/Hart & H untington Tattoo Co./ Vince/Carter Powersports November 10-11, 2007 Wow! What a great weekend for the Rockstar/Hart & Huntington team at the Morongo! The weather was a bit uncooperative, but the track was fun and the crowd was great! The fierce competition kept Carey, Travis, and Doni on their toes. Promoter practice went well on Friday. The guys got a feel for the track and the windy weather, getting them ready for the double header weekend. Saturday brought sunshine and wind, not to mention some great racing! In the 450 class there were a lot of world class riders brought in, but Carey did very well. He finished out the season on Sunday in 12 th place, pulling up 2 positions from his point standings on Saturday. His hard work and dedication put the 450 team in 10 th place for the year. Travis Marks and Doni Wanat added some valuable points throughout the weekend.

Photos From Morongo Supermoto by Wes Rowe