Some Support For A Columbian Supermoto Rider

This just in from a friend of ours in Columbia. Let's show some support for this racer!

On 10/10/07, wrote:

Hi there all!
I'm writing to the most important people I know to ask a favor!
Our Colombian supermotard champion is currently contesting the AMA
supermotard championship in the USA!



He is currently running 16th overall which is a miracle for a privateer from
I'm sure most of you understand how difficult this category is !
I enclose my last letter to him from the Supermotard club in Colombia!
If any of my friends in the USA and the UK could help him I would be over
the moon!
Even if its letting him know that there are people there at the track that
know who he is! that he's done well so far!
He needs a bit of moral support! HES A LONG WAY FROM HOME!
And if any of my suppliers would like to help him out, well I would be
I don't write these kind of letters normally asking for help and support
maybe I should more often! I wish I had done at the start of the season !



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Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2007 11:07:00 -0500
To: Natalia Perez Builes
Conversation: Good luck
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Dear David
Thanks for the mail my friend!
I'm sure its been tuff I have been watching your races!
I'm sooooooooo proud of you!
You are doing something that we all dream about doing!
I wish I could help you and im sure all your friend wish they could help
Your first season is always going to be hard as you said its all new to you!
And your riding against the best factory riders in the world
Cheer up my friend I know how hard it must be for you!
But please remember its all a learning experience and your next race will be
the best race as you have already have new skills and new ideas to help you
in the next!
It must have been hard work in the cold weather bro and on a motocross track
I believe your the best my friend to come anywhere in the top 20!
Remember you are the best here in Colombia and you are flying the Colombian
flag for all of us!
I will send some mails to my friends in the usa to see if they can help you
at the track!
Your friend
I hope these pictures help you remember all the good times we have in
Colombia and that you are the best in Colombia my friend!

On 10/10/07 9:37 AM, "Natalia Perez Builes" <>

> Hi Salvatore!!! How are you doing?
> Thank you very much for you message, and for your wishes.
> This year has not been the best, everything is new to me and I had been a
> little down. I hope that in upcoming events I will do better.
> Your friend
> David
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> Subject: Good luck
> David
> You look great my friend
> I wish I could be there to help out!
> Im sure the rest of the year is going to be yours!
> Salvatore!

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