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Bigbore VS. Smallbore.....

Kick kick kick........bbbbbbbrrrraaaapp............! brrraaap. braaapppp...brrraaap ! ( feelin studley now !) ....clutch out....little squirt of gas OMG whoa...down girl down girl.......tire spin front tire off the ground...hmmmmm? tires are cold...easy on the next couple turns......straight stretch .....Bbbbbbbbbrrrraaappppp
shift shift shift shift ......whoaaaaaaaa .....hmmmmmm.......wrong brake point....shhhhhhiiiiiiiii.............dam ! This dam bigbore is much faster than I remember'd.....back end shudder goin into every corner......tire spins and front tire is lofted outa second gear corners.....! These are the thoughts that keep goin through my head.....power and speed are sooo much harder/faster than the orange 2fiddy, makes me think back when I was first learning ! Where did the corner speed go...? All I'm worrying about is gettin slowed down for the apex and god forbid hit the haybales and or fence.... I'm havin to re learn how to ride...Yyyyyuuup ! The bike ?? My husa 550 with a totally built motor...ego and seat of the pants tells me 70 hp....ok dyno test may tell a more realistic number ? the intitial ride is somewhat similar to bein on a one night stand with a gal on ludes....does it matter when you are on a bigbore ?? prolly not, its all about the riding experience.....! The 250 is so much less intense (non lowered and 38 hp) it makes me marvel at how different you have to ride the bikes....the 250 revs into the teens.. at least you know/think you are bookin...the big bores don't rev that way and with the huge torque you gather speed so much faster the corners come up almost 1 after another....with alot less fanfare....the other reality was gassin it outa the apex...carefull now, it just ain't the same...tire spin is at a hair of the throttle... at this point the 250 can be almost pinned where the 550 needs some loving to throttle coax her outa the last corner to the straight stretch...The biggest flaw in my riding style is I always dip inside of the rider infront when we leave the last corner to the straight stretch...well ok most corners.. I go down low and the 250 will hook up but lacks the needed drive to make the 250 great... my first year with the KX 500 is where I got the habit....yea the 500 when upright would smoke pretty much anything, and by the time you straighten up the power hits....
now enter the Husey... even different leaned over goin low, not catchin the best line, I have to watch the power as it will spin up...and usually the back end will slide out and I will lose the time....250's when the traction is bad you can get third gear and lug out...big bores when lugging turn knarly because it's on the torque/power curve...sooo no lugging a bigbore without being careful with the that brings up a new thought ?? Different throttle cams and a lower profile cut on the rear ? owies ! waaay too much to think about....the next mental step is to clearly define what makes a small bore fast as well a bigbore, makes it easier when you climb on these bikes....My mental battle was startin on a 500 KX then goin to the 550 4 stroke then to a 250 then after a few months gettin back on a newly built 550......
Whats my point ? Start on a small bore 4 stroke...get the basics and place top 5 consistently in the races then graduate to a bigbore....Overall I have the most fun on the built 550...after that was the 500 2 smoker... I don't give a hoot about lap times and trophies but jusst the thrill...oooops did I mention my few trophies were on the 250.....ok you be the judge....!
First flat track event in two weeks........Further comparisons at that point.......Gotta go back to my writing lesson's now.......I'm battling with my run on sentences....

If your not on the gas be sure ya'll on the brake...ride safe ! Brian


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