Spousal Motorcycle Parts Purchase Approval Form


Please complete the following authorization form before purchasing motorcycle parts if you are a married man. Original copies required. Please send by Certified Mail.

Your Name: ____________
Your Nick Name: __________

Number of Bikes Your Wife Thinks You Own: (NONE), (1), (5), (10)
(if more than 5 please provide a copy of your marriage certificate)

Is one or more of your bikes "actually" hers but you tend to ride it? _____

Are your bikes stored at your or a buddy’s house? _______

Last time your wife saw your bikes? ________
(required if you are purchasing an exhaust, or other noticeable parts)

How Many Years Have You Been Married? _______

Approved Purchasing Limit: _________
"Stretching-it" Purchasing Limit: _________

Secure Email Address: _____________________________________________________
(please no "jimandmandy@soandso.com" or "thewilburfamily@soandso.com"

Secure Shipping Address: __________________________________________________
(work or buddy's house OK)

Wife’s Signature: ______________________ Date: ___________
(place women's mail order clothing catalog above this area when acquiring signature)

Notary Signature: _______________ Date: : _________

Stamp: _____________

Your Signature: __________________


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