Metzeler USA offers $13,650 in Supermoto Contingency

Metzeler USA offers $13,650 in contingency prize money for top finishers in the 2007

NASMOTO announced today that Metzeler has come onboard and will offer $13,650 in contingency prize money for the top finishers in the 2007 running of the NASMOTO SuperMoto Regional Qualifiers and finals.

Metzeler is supporting North American amateur SuperMoto racing by getting involved with NASMOTO. From July through November Metzeler will be providing racing pilots with some of the best racing rubber available today and rewarding them for their performance.

“We are excited about Metzeler coming onboard and building a contingency program for all the NASMOTO racers in North America ,” said Ted Baker, NASMOTO VP. “SuperMoto is one of the most exciting racing experiences for racers and fans and we are pleased that firms like Metzeler are experiencing value from aligning with the NASMOTO series.”

NASMOTO is leading the way with contingency awards for amateur SuperMoto racers with programs provided by Metzeler, Yamaha, KTM, Michelin and Kawasaki .

NASMOTO was created in 2004, in partnership with the AMA, to grow SuperMoto racing at all levels. Taking a grassroots approach by working with local clubs and promoters across North America , NASMOTO’s goal is to provide premier racing experiences for racers, fans, promoters and sponsors. New SuperMoto clubs are forming everywhere as the sport grows in the amateur ranks. To get involved as a promoter or racer, or for more information about rules, classes and regional and national events, please visit, email or call (416) 907-6817.


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