Motostrano Riders to Race at 2007 X Games

Supermoto Racer magazine announced the 20 riders chosen to race in the esteemed X Games Supermoto races for 2007. The yearly X Games series is an important race for World and American Supermoto, as top riders from S1, Canada, Australia and the US compete together at one large very populated spectator event. In fact, I'd have to say it's probably the largest spectator event for Supermoto in the world, given the onsite crounds and live coverage of the event worldwide.

We are very proud at Motostrano to see that 2 riders from our own sponsored team, Tyler Evans and Cary Hart will be racing, plus Motostrano sponsored rider Micky Dymond will be racing. Whoa! looks like our old friend Gerald Delepine (aka the Spiderman) from our Vertemati days will even show up.

1 Jeff Ward
2 Jeremy McGrath
3 Mark Burkhart
4 Chad Reed
5 Chris Fillmore
6 Troy Herfoss
7 Stephen Chambon
8 Cassidy Anderson
9 Brandon Currie
10 David Pingree
11 Ivan Lazarrini
12 Gerald Delepine
13 Mike Metzger
14 Tyler Evans
15 Carey Hart
16 Steve Drew
17 Micky Dymond
18 Benny Carlson
19 Eric Sorby
20 Darryl Atkins

X Games tracks have been historically very MX-leaning, so it will be interesting to see how Evans does at this track.

If you haven't made the trek down to see the X Games in person, we highly recommend it. If you can't make it, make sure to tune in to the boob tube to watch the races live.


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