Motostrano 4.0

Having an Open House event at Motostrano is always fun. A few hundred of customers come to the store, many who we see only once a year, manufacturer reps stop by to help out. Good fun and a great sales day for us, at low prices. We do it every year and universally, we tend to re-make the store prior to the event, re-arranging inventory, stacking it, laying it out. This year's pre-Open House festivities have been no exception.

3 days before our open houses we tend to simply tear apart the current shop, pull out displays from nowhere , build new ones, throw out old ones and presto-chango- a new Motostrano. We do our best to make the place presentable, because it's been fidgeted with so many times all year long. It stays in this shape for just a few days and then the whole place gets gutted once more time day later right after our open house as we take a good chunk of our inventory down to Laguna Seca to participate in MotoGP or World Superbike, whatever the case may be. We've been doing it for 5 years now.

Here's some shots taken just today from the shop that we rebuilt.


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