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Pacific Northwest Racetracks

If you ever find yourself in the Pacific Northwest and wanna hang at one of the track's, well here ya go...... "Port Angeles Speedway" is located just south of Port Angeles, which is located on the Northern tip of the peninsula approx. 2 hours Northwest of Seattle, the track is a speedway with great groups of corners on the inner track making it a blast to ride. The track has new asphalt and a very cool dirt section. The track doesn't get as much SM use as it should, so it would be good to call first If you are considering challenging the track. I like this track because of the fast dirt section "Evergreen Speedway" is located in Monroe, WA which is located just over an hour North of Seattle, WA This track is a speedway similar to Port Angeles but has less of a dirt section and more of a inner track section....During the summer months this track is open for practice on Thursday nights depending on track again like all tra

Moto GP 2007 Motostrano Recap

MotoGP at Laguna came and went, fast. What a great weekend: great racing, great weather, food, beer and people. A huge shout out to SCRAMP for ensuring that every one had a smooth and safe event as far the spectators go. Each year those folks get torn in a million directions as they try to please every one and get everything done in just a few days. The traffic seemed to go smooth and it sure helped that the weather was nothing like the 100+ temps of the 2006 GP. A huge thanks to Markus and Donny from Alpinestars , as well as Leanard and AJ at AGV Helmets . These guys helped out our staff to no end putting hours and energy working directly with customers with product questions and sales. Without them we would have been so short staffed for this, it would have been unbearable. Thanks also to Scott Link and Gabriele Mazzarolo from Alpinestars and JH from AGV for working closely with us to make this happen. For Motostrano- this was a special event. Each year we go and typically set up a

Motostrano Open House Re-Cap

Thanks to the few hundred some-odd customers that made it to our Annual Pre-MotoGP Open House! Great turn out, great crowd on hand, great deals for you. Nothin' but good vibes, just I like I like it. A great accomplishment on our part- I thought - was seeing people actually camped out in their cars sleeping before we opened for the day. See you at MotoGP and see you next year! Here's a few pics from the day.

Ok, sumthin new......Brian Who ??

Anytime someone invites you to contribute to a site like this, its always a privilege for me, especially when it has to do with SM bikes..........So here I am .......I will be writing articles for this site, and before I do I thought it fitting to talk about myself a little bit so all can understand my background and what I'm about for future readings..... Almost three years ago I got the urge on my 43rd birthday to buy a motorcycle .... Hmmmm my first bike...what to buy ??? so much to choose from...until I saw a MZ Baghira SM street bike... that's it !...gotta have it ! So I bought it lowered and re-jetted with a big gnarly M-4 exhaust system and I was straight.....First night I had the bike I was getting used to riding a motorcycle.....came down the back roads of my neighborhood and got on the main drag and continued down till I saw a red light and down shifted eventually grabbing front brake and getting tossed over the handle bars right in the mid

2005 Honda CRF 450 Race Bike for Sale

John Tai, of JST Racing, Motostrano 's Race Team manager, is selling one of the team's former race bikes. This is a full blown pro AMA race machine with a rebuilt Pinit motor, 17" race supermoto wheels, Leo Vince exhaust, Dunlop slicks, Motomater brake kit. Raced 3 races by our rider Travis Marks. The bike was actually formerly owned by Jake Zemke. John is asking $6000 for the bike. Call John at (650) 430-2846 or email him at

Motostrano 4.0

Having an Open House event at Motostrano is always fun. A few hundred of customers come to the store, many who we see only once a year, manufacturer reps stop by to help out. Good fun and a great sales day for us, at low prices. We do it every year and universally, we tend to re-make the store prior to the event, re-arranging inventory, stacking it, laying it out. This year's pre-Open House festivities have been no exception. 3 days before our open houses we tend to simply tear apart the current shop, pull out displays from nowhere , build new ones, throw out old ones and presto-chango- a new Motostrano. We do our best to make the place presentable, because it's been fidgeted with so many times all year long. It stays in this shape for just a few days and then the whole place gets gutted once more time day later right after our open house as we take a good chunk of our inventory down to Laguna Seca to participate in MotoGP or World Superbike, whatever the case may be. We'v

Pro Supermoto Racer Web Sites

Everyone has a web site. My 8 year old son has a web site. I have a web site. If I were a pro supermoto racer, I would definitely have a supermoto racer web site. My web site would be plastered with cool pics of me -a honey under each arm, race results, race reports, pictures of honies walking around the pits tryin to find my pits, big old logos of my sponsors and what they do and how cool they are. And it could even be crappy, like some slapped together rough thing that looked like I, a grease monkey racer guy dude that can barely type, even made it myself, without the help of some other racer-web-buddy on the side. That's even more cool than a polished one. I'd drop the link to my web site in my email signature, so whenever I emailed my sponsors to let them know that I totaled another bike with all their parts on it and I need more stuff, they would easily be able to click to my supermoto racer web site and remember why they have to send me more parts. They'd see me there

Motostrano Riders to Race at 2007 X Games

Supermoto Racer magazine announced the 20 riders chosen to race in the esteemed X Games Supermoto races for 2007. The yearly X Games series is an important race for World and American Supermoto, as top riders from S1, Canada, Australia and the US compete together at one large very populated spectator event. In fact, I'd have to say it's probably the largest spectator event for Supermoto in the world, given the onsite crounds and live coverage of the event worldwide. We are very proud at Motostrano to see that 2 riders from our own sponsored team, Tyler Evans and Cary Hart will be racing, plus Motostrano sponsored rider Micky Dymond will be racing. Whoa! looks like our old friend Gerald Delepine (aka the Spiderman) from our Vertemati days will even show up. 1 Jeff Ward 2 Jeremy McGrath 3 Mark Burkhart 4 Chad Reed 5 Chris Fillmore

Supermoto brings its wild style of racing to Abbotsford

Truckloads of clay brought in to make the track a tough test Ted Davis, Special to The Sun The official history of Supermoto racing, or "supermotard," traces the sport to a crazy, late '70s idea to test the top riders in motorcycle road racing against the best in the world of offroad racing -- basically tarmac vs. dirt. This weekend, the Vancouver Supermoto competition in Abbotsford will demonstrate what it takes for both motorcycle and rider to excel in this wild, two-wheeled hybrid form of racing. The "Superbiker" series of the early '80s roughly paralleled IROC (International Race of Champions) as a four-wheeled equivalent in concept, whereby top drivers from different disciplines fought it out to determine all-around supremacy. And like IROC, Superbikers had its day in the sun as a ratings leader on ABC Wide World of Sport, but was dropped by the network by 1985. But while the series faded away in North America, the concept stuck around in Euro

Alpinestars Race Replica Suit

Note- the 2008 alpinestars race replica suit is now available. We had the great opportunity to see this suit 5 months ago before it was out. What a suit. Like we said, it got a complete redesign, as well as a complete price increase thanks to the all weakening dollar and general economic malaise. Well worth a look, the 2008 Alpinestars Race Replica is the suit to own for 2008. Every now and then a product is introduced to market that changes the paradigm, goes a little further than the rest, or just plain out paces the competition. The Alpinestars Race Replica Leather Suit is one of those products. Introduced three years ago to the US Market, the Race Rep Suit had been available in Europe for a year before that and before that time Alpinestars Race Development group had built the suits for their pro sponsored racers like Nicky Hayden and others. To the layman or budget minded rider, the surface of this suit looks like any other . We're often asked what's the difference betw

Motostrano at MotoGP Laguna Seca 2007

All customers are invited to visit the Motostrano booth at this year's Moto GP races at Luguna Seca July 20, 21, 22. This year we are doing a combined Alpinestars gear and AGV Helmet booth. We'll have tons of gear on hand to buy including jackets, suits, gloves, boots, pants, t-shirts, hats and more. Each year Motostrano staff work hard all weekend at these events. We enjoy meeting our existing and new customers at this event, as well as watching the races. At this event in particular we are able to meet customers who fly in from all over the world just to see this event. Please feel free to visit our store and meet our staff in person.

sUpEr mOtO fRiDaY nIGHT

SUPERMOTO USA RETURNS TO THE STOCKTON MOTORPLEX FRIDAY, JULY 6TH 5 - 10 PM new CLASSES FOR ALL BIKES, SEE ATTACHED FLIER FOR DETAILS OR VISIT WWW.SUPERMOTOUSA.COM BE THE FIRST BIKES TO RIDE ON THE ALL NEWLY RE- SURFACED RACE TRACK Warehouse Sale 14 July Warehouse Sale 14 July Motostrano in Redwood City, California will be having it's annual Open House and Warehouse Sale Saturday the 14th of July, one week before MotoGP, from 10 am to 5 pm at our retail outlet in Redwood City, CA. Plan on it! All friends are invited to attend. At the event you can expect to find enormous savings on the best sportbike motorcycle clothing brands in the business, plus blow-out pricing on MX Helmets and gear. Up to 40% off certain leather or textile jackets and racing suits, boots, gloves, helmets, sportswear, hats, back protectors and more. Motostrano sells Alpinestars, Suomy, Shift, Arai, AGV, Revit, ICON, Gaerne, Troy Lee Designs, Z1R, Thor and FOX. Plus pay NO SALES TAX all day long. Enjoy our parking lot barbecue. Meet reps from Alpinestars, AGV, Suomy, Shift, Z1R and others. Plus you could win a free Suomy Vandal Helmet! This event happens just once a year and folks ride in from all over the State for great savings. It's a grea