Hardware: Akrapovic Releases Aprilia SXV Exhaust

Akrapovic has released a new Full Race and Street exhaust system for the Akrapovic SXV 450 and 550 motorcycles. The exhaust will retail $1028.00 and will be available for shipping in the fall at www.motostrano.com

According to the company, "The Akrapovic Racing and hexagonal muffler Evolution are their top systems for this model, and are designed for riders who know how to get the most out of them. Their advantages can be clearly seen from the dyno measurements and clearly felt on the racetrack." The muffler comes equipped with an approved spark arrester.

Power & Torque: "These systems allow the motor to breathe fully throughout
the rpm range. The most noticeable improvements are the bike’s stronger and
quicker response from low revs right up to the top end and the overrev range, where the power increase is extreme. The already powerful motorcycle gains in
power, but the power application is smoother, making the bike’s brute force
easier to control ‡ just what you need for enduro racing. The Akrapovic Racing
and Evolution exhaust systems also deliver a major increase in torque
throughout the entire rpm range, especially in the lower mid-range and the top
of the range."

The muffler for the Akrapovic Evolution system is the unique Hexagonal
offroad design muffler, while the Racing features the oval offroad design. The
conical header tube is stainless steel (Racing) or titanium (Evolution). It is attached to the conical SS/titanium link pipe with a sleeve joint secured with asilicon-shielded spring. The link pipe is attached to the muffler in the same manner. The inlet cap is titanium, while the outlet cap for both versions is carbon fiber. The muffler outer sleeve is made of titanium (Evolution) or stainless steel (Racing). There is also an option available with a combination of Racing tubes and Evolution muffler. The system is attached to the bike using Akrapovic carbon-fiber clamps. The system includes an approved spark arrester, which is indicated with a laser engraving on the muffler.

The exhaust will retail $1028.00 and will be available for shipping in the fall at www.motostrano.com


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