AMA: Supermoto Quotes from Raceway Park

AMA Supermoto

Mark Burkhart: “The weekend was great up until an hour before our race, then we had to put the rain tires on. All race I was really just trying not to crash, There was mud on the pavement all over the track. It was a good race though. I have a lot of respect for Ward. We both raced clean out there, and I hope we put on a great show for the fans watching in the rain.”

Jeff Ward: "I felt alright at the start, it was really muddy in the dirt. I pushed too hard at the beginning and wore my tire out. The track was really tipsy in the rain, I rode smart thinking of the championship; it was just too easy to make a small mistake an go down."

Troy Herfoss: "I want to win so bad. In the qualifiers I was able to follow Jeff around, pick up on his lines, and keep him in check. I did not get a great jump on the start but I was able to move into third. The Dunlop tires worked great in these wet conditions. I want to thank everyone at HMC KTM"

Supermoto Unlimited

Ben Carlson: “Hats off to Aprilia, this team’s hard work is unbelievable. The track seemed to get a little bit slicker each lap, and luckily I was able to get a comfortable lead where I could keep the bike in the driest line”.

Kurt Nicoll: "That was scary out there. I was scared the whole time I rode, the track was so slick and getting wetter each lap. I tried giving it a little more towards the end and I was sliding around in most of the corners."

John Lewis: "I was having fun. on the start Kurt (Nicoll) made everyone go everyone wide so I got a bad start. It was kind of hard to pass, you had to be patient and move in on the opportunity. In the rain the tires we used worked amazing. Being my hometown race in this series, I want to thank all my friends and family would come out to watch, Thanks"

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Brandon Currie: “Fortunately the rain held off, so the decision to stick with slick tires paid off. That was a good race. Pingree kept me honest. I want to thank everyone at Yamaha and all my family and everyone that is here supporting me.”

David Pingree: "I rode well; you can't make any mistakes out there. The track was good. It was kind of tough to really make up time. It wasn't raining hard enough to make a difference yet, but its only going to get slipperier out there."

Matt Abbott: "That track is awesome. I was really nervous at the start. I figured it would just start pouring rain during the race and get messy. The whole race team is working awesome together, Thanks to them and my family for everything."


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