AMA: Fire Destroys Rockstar H&H Motostrano Race Rig

Source: KSL.COM

There was a big fire Tuesday night on I-15. The fire could be seen for miles, and it destroyed some very expensive toys that belong to the husband of a famous woman.

You've probably heard of Pink, and if you haven't, your kids have. She's a rock star who is married to Carey Hart, a freestyle motocross legend in town this weekend for a big race. Tuesday evening he lost hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment in a fire on I-15.

The semi truck was headed to the Larry H. Miller raceway. Inside the semi were eight bikes, several gallons of gas, gear parts, accessories, and a four-wheeler worth $300,000.

Dennis McKone, with Salt Lake City Fire, said, "It's totally destroyed, all the motorcycles and everything inside."

Hart is also the star of the reality show 'Inked', filmed on location at the tattoo parlor he owns in Las Vegas, Hart and Huntington Tattoo Company. But Carey Hart may be most known for who his married to, Pink.

She's released four albums and won a Grammy for best female rock vocal. The two married last year after meeting at the X Games.

Hart was coming to Utah to race in the Honda Summit of Speed Race this weekend. His semi was heading to Tooele when the trouble began.

Edward McGinley, with Hart and Huntington Racing, said, "A kid pulled up next to me and told me there was a fire."

So the driver pulled over, tried to get a fire extinguisher to put the flames out, but realized it was more then he could handle. "I pretty much didn't want to lose everything, so I pulled the 5th wheel and pulled out from under it," McGinley said.

By then fire crews had arrived, but there was little they could do, everything was ruined. The driver isn't focusing on that, though; he says he's grateful no one was hurt, and this won't stop Hart from racing this weekend.

McGinley said, "We got a pretty good group of guys and we'll figure something out, we're going to try and race."

The freeway was shut down for several hours and opened back up around 9 p.m. Investigators are still determining the cause of the fire.


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