FIM: Boris Chambon at Castelletto di Branduzzo

The first event of the FIM Supermoto World Championship took place on the beautiful circuit of Castelletto di Branduzzo in Italy. The weather was good and there were 8000 people at this first GP.

Boris Chambon had some problems during the week-end, due especially to the youth of the Team, and to the little time he had to prepare compared to the competitors.

Saturday, for the time practice, Boris clocked the sixteenth fastest time. Boris complained about a problem to his front fork.

Sunday, for the first race, Boris got a so and so start (sixteenth), then moved back up and arrived to the twelfth place. In the second race, he started from the fifteenth position, and finished eleventh. In the two races, overall, Boris grabbed the eleventh position.

Besides that, it was a good weekend as the Team and Boris fixed the technical problems, and can now improve the bike. The Team has some good information to work with for one month, in order to give Boris a competitive bike, matching his riding.

Next event : 25th and 26th May at Torino, Italy, for the second round of the FIM Supermoto World Championship.

Results Castelletto:

Race 1 : 1. Van Den Bosch Thierry ; 2. Chareyre Adrien ; 3. Chareyre Thomas ; 4. Giraudo Jérôme ; 5. Lazzarini Ivan ; … ; 12. Boris Chambon

Race 2 : 1. Van Den Bosch Thierry ; 2. Chareyre Adrien ; 3. Chareyre Thomas ; 4. Hiemer Bernd ; 5. Beltrami Massimo ; ... ; 11. Boris Chambon

Overall/Championship : 1. Van Den Bosch Thierry – 50pts ; 2. Chareyre Adrien – 44pts ; 3. Chareyre Thomas – 40pts ; 4. Giraudo Jérôme – 32pts ; 5. Beltrami Massimo – 31pts ; … ; 11. Boris Chambon – 19pts


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