Supermoto Gear of the Pros

Supermoto Gear of the Pros

We put a lot into our pro-Supermoto racing efforts. Over the past 4 years, Motostrano has been involved with Supermoto racers ranging from #1 World S1 Supermoto pros like Max Manzo, Gerald Delepine and Max Gazzarrata, to young budding amateurs like Chad Cose, George Deguzeman, Chuck Patterson and others.

This year Motostrano has partnered as Sponsor for the Rockstar, Hart & Huntington AMA pro team. The Stateline Supermoto event last month was our first true race test session.

The bikes of the Rockstar/ H&H team are a mix of Honda, Suzuki and KTM. This team will more than likely be the top privateer team for 2007. The bikes are equiped with parts sold by Motostrano to the general public. "We race what we sell" - is our Moto. Team bikes are equipped with Motomaster Race Brake kits or Magura full race set-ups on the KTMs. Team bikes are going to run the Alpina Tubeless System Supermoto Wheels with Dunlop Tires all season. Leo Vince powers the exhaust systems and Galfersteel brake lines are used. Most of the Hondas are equipped with Tag metals triple clamps and Handlebars. All bikes are equipped with STM Slipper clutches and Acerbis Plastic - including the new supermoto specific Acerbis Handguardsand front fenders.

We race what we sell. We get constant feedback from our riders when they race the stuff we sell. We also do a lot of post-race analysis on the parts used to guage wear. We find this the best way to know what's going on with these parts.


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