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Lot of stuff to talk about in the months ahead. We started this blog, because, from what we can tell there aren't that many Supermoto related blogs out there and there's a lot going on in Supermoto these days. Who better to tell the tail than the folks at Motostrano?

BLOGAD: Motostrano is the LEADING supermoto parts and accessories company in the US, if not the world. No other company has the knowledge and supermoto-specific product inventory on hand with leading brands like Excel, Talon, Marchesini, FMF, Beringer, Moto-Master, Brembo, Acerbis and UFO. Many of the parts offered by Motostrano can't be found anywhere else! Free shipping and great service. Call 650-780-9306 or order online at

The goal with The Supermoto Blog is to build a sizable Supermoto specific blog covering all aspects of the activity, whether it's racing, riding, getting into it, getting better at it, tech tips, news, products, history, future, the riders, all of it and hopefully this will be an international affair, not just a Yankee thing.

* We are looking for contributors to this joint effort, so interested parties, email us. Writers, photographers, etc. You can be based in any country you like.

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