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SNVSM: Supermoto Stunt Bike Insanity

Supermoto Stunt Bike Insanity

Primm NV, March 14, 2007 - He tried. He really did. Back in '95, after years of riding in the dirt, a 21-year-old Ryan Moore decided he had to turn his back on motorcycles - too much of a distraction! - and concentrate on his studies. Forsaking the sport he loved, he worked hard and earned a degree in Manufacturing Engineering. He'd become a grown-up!

But then a friend pleaded with Ryan to repair his twisted XR50. He was an engineer now, wasn't he? And with that, Ryan was off the wagon. He transformed that mini into a super-trick street stunt bike and thus became part of the growing revolution that was turning the smallest of motorcycles into the biggest of modification trends. Ryan opened a machine shop and 50Stunt was born. Naturally he had to constantly do product test rides (and jumps, and flips) to make sure his tweaks and inventions would work. But he didn't stop there.

Fast forward to today, and Ryan Moore has graduated again, this time in bike size. Oh, he's still building minis alright, in his greatly expanded ESD Manufacturing facility in Grover Beach, CA. But now he's also customizing 450 supermoto bikes into radical stunt machines. And riding them every way you can think of ... except normal.

Supermoto Kicks Off April 13-15

Moore applied his engineering know-how - and a showman's imagination - to build his radical supermoto stunt bike.
Supermoto Kicks Off April 13-15

Moore demonstrates one of the milder tricks he'll be
performing at the Stateline Supermoto Challenge April 13-15. Moore will bring his unique brand of stunt-riding insanity to the Stateline Supermoto Challenge in Primm, NV on April 13-15. Organizer Marche Karger, who in his third year of running the Stateline Challenge has already created the largest supermoto event in North America, thinks having Moore go nuts on his heavily modified 450 between races will make the crowd go, well, nuts.

"I always want to add more cool elements to the event," says Karger. "We already have every OEM participating and well over 500 racers. But I think Ryan's show will raise the 'crowdpleaser' factor even more and make our race weekend better than ever."

The Stateline Supermoto Challenge has quickly established itself as the unofficial opener of the supermoto racing season. All the top riders jump at the chance to compete against tough rivals in preparation for the AMA schedule. That's why guys like Wardy, Micky Dymond, Benny Carlson, Darryl Atkins and Troy Herfoss have already signed on. And by the time the first flag drops, every team and supermoto racer of merit will be represented on this year's custom-designed track adjacent to Buffalo Bill's Resort & Casino, located a few hundred feet into Nevada from the California border.

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