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AMA: 4 New Dates Added

March 16, 2007 AMA Racing news release AMA Racing announced today that four supermoto venues have been added to the upcoming race season schedule, bringing to a total of ten rounds that will make up the 2007 AMA Supermoto Championship Series. Beginning with the new season opener on May 19 at St. Louis’ Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, an event in which AMA Racing’s Supercross Series partner Live Nation will promote, the AMA Supermoto Championship will also feature new events at Raceway Park (Englishtown, N.J.) and MotoTown USA (New England), along with the series’ return to Denver, Colo. “From top to bottom this is for sure the most solid AMA Supermoto Championship schedule we’ve put together in the five-year history of the series,” said Joel Grover, director of supermoto for AMA Racing. “St. Louis is a very motorsports-friendly region, the east coast will get its first AMA Supermoto round in New Jersey, the strong New England motocross and road race contingent will be excited ab

SNVSM: Supermoto Stunt Bike Insanity

Supermoto Stunt Bike Insanity Primm NV, March 14, 2007 - He tried. He really did. Back in '95, after years of riding in the dirt, a 21-year-old Ryan Moore decided he had to turn his back on motorcycles - too much of a distraction! - and concentrate on his studies. Forsaking the sport he loved, he worked hard and earned a degree in Manufacturing Engineering. He'd become a grown-up! But then a friend pleaded with Ryan to repair his twisted XR50. He was an engineer now, wasn't he? And with that, Ryan was off the wagon. He transformed that mini into a super-trick street stunt bike and thus became part of the growing revolution that was turning the smallest of motorcycles into the biggest of modification trends. Ryan opened a machine shop and 50Stunt was born. Naturally he had to constantly do product test rides (and jumps, and flips) to make sure his tweaks and inventions would work. But he didn't stop there. Fast forward to today, and Ryan Moore has graduated again, this

Motostrano's 2007 Race Initiatives

2007 is going to be the best year to date for Motostrano's racing practice. To put this in context, realize that for the past 3 years Motostrano has fielded one of the top privateer (non factory) teems in professional US supermoto racing. We put a lot of time, effort and money into building a reputation at the track that can sometimes seem bigger than life. On the AMA pro level, Motostrano has partnered once again with JST Racing and combined our team with Cary Hart of Hart & Huntington who has fielded a ROCKSTAR energy drink sponsored team. We're really excited to see what the team will do this year. Our main rider for the past two years and good friend Travis Marks will race along side Scott Sheak, Carey Hart and Doni Wanat and we'll have riders in all classes. Look for the Motostrano tent at these event and look for folks from our shop on hand as well. On the local level, our own Paul Giani has put together his own battalion of riders to compete up and down the West

AMA: Rockstar/Hart & Huntington/

Press Release March 16, 2007 The ’07 Supermoto season will be here before we know it and we’ve been busy in the off-season! has joined forces with Rockstar, the energy drink, along with the well known Hart & Huntington team. We know that we will have a successful year with our four official riders; Travis Marks, Scott Sheak, Carey Hart and Doni Wanat, who are all well qualified and highly motivated. We’re starting off the season right, spending this last weekend out at the Grange for the first official test session of the year. We had great weather both days and track conditions were good when we broke in the bikes and dusted off the winter cobwebs. All four riders looked comfortable out there and Scott Sheak, an AMA Motocross National winner, took to the pavement like a duck to water. The team is in good shape for the upcoming Stateline race taking place April 13 th & 14 th . Carey Hart and Scott Sheak will be competing in the AMA Supermoto class

The Supermoto Blog Intro

Welcome to The Supermoto Blog, sponsored by Lot of stuff to talk about in the months ahead. We started this blog, because, from what we can tell there aren't that many Supermoto related blogs out there and there's a lot going on in Supermoto these days. Who better to tell the tail than the folks at Motostrano? BLOGAD: Motostrano is the LEADING supermoto parts and accessories company in the US, if not the world. No other company has the knowledge and supermoto-specific product inventory on hand with leading brands like Excel, Talon, Marchesini, FMF, Beringer, Moto-Master, Brembo, Acerbis and UFO. Many of the parts offered by Motostrano can't be found anywhere else! Free shipping and great service. Call 650-780-9306 or order online at The goal with The Supermoto Blog is to build a sizable Supermoto specific blog covering all aspects of the activity, whether it's racing, riding, getting into it, getting better at it, tech tips, news, produ