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Some Favorite Sites

Jocky Journal - one of the few moto sites that have really caught my eye in the past... oh more than a year. Steepandcheap - the business model of this site is interesting, to say the least. Granted, it's a sub site of another company all together, but the concept is interesting, would never work in the Motorcycle industry, where the margins are too dinky. Motostrano may try something similar to this within our site some day. . one of my favorite clothing oriented web sites. Thanks to Natalie I know about this. American Apparel I hate and love this web site and company. The CEO seems to be a nut, maybe that's why I have an affinity for it. I mostly return again and again to gaze at the hot young women posed seductively. The clean barebones design is a little dry, but oh those hot little things in boy shorts and stuff just make the site. Yahoo Yea, Yahoo. After being born and raised on Yahoo oh for the last 10 years or so, I got wooed by Google last year for just

Catching Up...

I set up a Flickr Account for Motostrano . After 5 years of saving photos on my hard drive, I thought to post up some or all of my photos and graphics on Flickr. Flickr is very cool. Motostrano has renewed its support of the ROCKSTAR H&H Supermoto camp for 2008. We'll also be helping out a few other parties in the mix as time permits. The Motostrano catalog has expanded. We try not to sell EVERYTHING. That would be a futile experiment in terrible customer service and other motorcycle parts companies do a really fine job of that. However, we have expanded our catalog to include a few more brands, as well as increased the products depth of some of our existing brands like EVS and SIXSIXONE. Joe Rocket, we've brought back GIMOTO, KLIM and even a little Fieldsheer. After taunting us with their prototype rearsets for probably over a year, the CRG Rearsets appear to be near to release. At any moto event we'd go to Joe from CRG would have this big bulky piece of billet seemi

And So This Was Christmas

I have some free time and some catching up to do on this blog so I'm going to rapid fire some posts here. - For 2008 we'll be changing up our Blog a little. Well, a lot actually. We're going to open it up to non-Supermoto stuff, as well as Supermoto stuff of course. In a nutshell, this will just give the blog more to blog about and expand things to sport bike, adventure bike and any other category that catches our eye, whether motorcycle related or not. So, the Supermoto Blog is now the Motostrano blog. - Christmas 2007 came and went in a puff of smoke. In terms of overall operations and execution for Motostrano- it was our best ever. I judge how well Christmas goes by the amount of nasty angry Mom or girlfriend calls I pick up from irate customers wondering where their Christmas gifts wandered off to. This year was painless compared to previous years. Hats off to my team- our customer service was so good this year, all we could do was help rescue the Christmases of other s

Mayhem at the Morongo press release Rockstar/Hart & Huntington

Press Release – Morongo Rockstar/Hart & H untington Tattoo Co./ Vince/Carter Powersports November 10-11, 2007 Wow! What a great weekend for the Rockstar/Hart & Huntington team at the Morongo! The weather was a bit uncooperative, but the track was fun and the crowd was great! The fierce competition kept Carey, Travis, and Doni on their toes. Promoter practice went well on Friday. The guys got a feel for the track and the windy weather, getting them ready for the double header weekend. Saturday brought sunshine and wind, not to mention some great racing! In the 450 class there were a lot of world class riders brought in, but Carey did very well. He finished out the season on Sunday in 12 th place, pulling up 2 positions from his point standings on Saturday. His hard work and dedication put the 450 team in 10 th place for the year. Travis Marks and Doni Wanat added some valuable points throughout the weekend.

Photos From Morongo Supermoto by Wes Rowe

Supermoto Pics For The Record

Pingree Will Return to Action at Morongo AMA Finale

Pingree Will Return to Action at Morongo AMA Finale Cabazon, CA - October 30, 2007 - Despite the fact that he's nursing two broken wrists, David Pingree is determined not to sit idly by and let a national championship title slip from his grasp. After he and Brandon Currie took either first or second through the first six rounds of the 2007 AMA Supermoto Lites series (with "Ping" leading the duel 4-2), the journalist/racer was the odds-on favorite to win the crown; that is, till he bageled in Redmond with his wrist injury. But now, with an expected "OK-to-race" from his doctor, Pingree has announced his intention to race every heat of Troy Lee's "Supermoto Mayhem at the Morongo" on Nov. 10th and 11th. "The long break in the series has given me time to heal. My plan is to go out and race for this championship," said Troy Lee Designs team rider Pingree. "I was in great shape before my crash, although Currie was right there with me in ev

2007 Rockstar U.S. Open Results

The 2007 Rockstar Energy Drink U.S. Open of Motocross concluded this past weekend, with Grant Langston emerging as the overall winner, collecting a whopping $100,000. Carey Hart's new SX team made its debut at the US Open. The team currently features former AX champion Josh Demuth, although Hart plans to add one more 450 rider as well as a lites rider. Demuth ended up going 6-2 for 3rd overall at the Open, stoking out Hart by getting on the poduim at Carey's team's very first event which was held in his hometown of Vegas. Open Class Overall Results 1. Grant Langston, Clermont, Fla., Yamaha, 38pts, 2-5 2. Chad Reed, Tampa, Fla., Yamaha, 38pts, 1-8 3. Josh Demuth, Keller, Texas, Honda, 37pts, 6-2 4. Jake Weimer, Rupert, Idaho, Honda, 36pts, 10-1 5. Mike Alessi, Victorville, Calif., Suzuki, 36pts, 5-3 6. Andrew Short, Smithville, Texas, Honda, 34pts, 3-7 7. Dan Reardon, Australia, Honda, 32pts, 7-4 8. Justin Brayton, Fort Dodge, Iowa, KTM, 28pts, 8-6 9. Tim Ferry, Largo, Fla.,

Bigbore VS. Smallbore.....

Kick kick kick........bbbbbbbrrrraaaapp............! brrraaap. braaapppp...brrraaap ! ( feelin studley now !) ....clutch out....little squirt of gas OMG whoa...down girl down girl.......tire spin front tire off the ground...hmmmmm? tires are cold...easy on the next couple turns......straight stretch .....Bbbbbbbbbrrrraaappppp shift shift shift shift ......whoaaaaaaaa .....hmmmmmm.......wrong brake point....shhhhhhiiiiiiiii.............dam ! This dam bigbore is much faster than I remember'd.....back end shudder goin into every corner......tire spins and front tire is lofted outa second gear corners.....! These are the thoughts that keep goin through my head.....power and speed are sooo much harder/faster than the orange 2fiddy, makes me think back when I was first learning ! Where did the corner speed go...? All I'm worrying about is gettin slowed down for the apex and god forbid hit the haybales and or fence.... I'm havin to re learn how to ride...Yyyyyuuup ! The bike ?? My

Goat pulls out of Elsinore and plugs into Morongo

Lake Elsinore, CA - Despite canceling his 2007 Elsinore Grand Prix, event promoter Goat Breker still has every intention of attending a race that same weekend of November 9-11, by lending support to his longtime friend and fellow race promoter, Troy Lee. "I always gave 110% as a racer and I approached race promotion the same way," said Breker, a former pro motocross racer. "I've made sure the Elsinore GP was a fantastic experience for racers and fans, but it looks like my event will not happen this year. So I'm gonna do everything I can to help my friend Troy put on the best supermoto race the country has ever seen at Morongo." "I'm blessed to have the friendship and support of Goat Breker. You could fill a book with his racing and promoting knowledge," said Troy Lee, founder of Troy Lee Designs and promoter of Supermoto Mayhem at the Morongo. "I love the Elsinore GP and I'm sorry that it's not going to take place this year, but I

New Action Sports World Championship Event Takes Place April 12-13, 2008, at San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium

October 10, 2007, SAN DIEGO – ESPN, The Worldwide Leader in Action Sports, the San Diego International Sports Council and Qualcomm Stadium today announced the launch of a new action sports championship event from the ESPN X Games team -- the Moto X World Championships. The annual event will feature the best Moto X riders in the world competing for the title of Moto X World Champion in a variety of disciplines, including Freestyle, SuperMoto, Best Trick, Step Up and Moto X Racing. The inaugural Moto X World Championships is scheduled to take place April 12-13, 2008, at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, Calif., and will mark the first time ESPN’s X Games team has returned to the city since it hosted the X Games in 1997 and 1998. Live coverage of the Moto X World Championships will be featured on ESPN, ESPN2, and “Given the tremendous success and excitement of Moto X at the X Games, we are very excited to present our first event dedicated exclusively to Moto X,” said Ro

Some Support For A Columbian Supermoto Rider

This just in from a friend of ours in Columbia. Let's show some support for this racer! On 10/10/07, wrote: Hi there all! I'm writing to the most important people I know to ask a favor! Our Colombian supermotard champion is currently contesting the AMA supermotard championship in the USA! DAVID GAVIRIA NO:700 HONDA 450 See 40&year=2007 He is currently running 16th overall which is a miracle for a privateer from Colombia! I'm sure most of you understand how difficult this category is ! I enclose my last letter to him from the Supermotard club in Colombia! If any of my friends in the USA and the UK could help him I would be over the moon! Even if its letting him know that there are people there at the track that know who he is! that he's done well so fa

Some Pictures from Redmond, OR

Thought you might enjoy some pictures from the track in Redmond. Doni Wanat in the air. Travis Marks in the dirt section Travis Marks Doni Wanat Travis Marks following the competition closely!

Press Release Rockstar/Hart & Huntington Tattoo Co./ Vince/Carter Powersport

Redmond, OR- September 28-29 Wow! This last weekend was a rush! The dirt section was technical, leading into a fast straight away and a twisted pavement section. Many a wheel was bent and there were quite a few crashes. The weather decided to cooperate a bit more on Saturday than it did on Friday, so we didn’t completely freeze, but by the time the Main event came around Saturday evening, it was very chilly. Doni Wanat, rider and team manager, was in Redmond a bit early, helping to design and build the track. During the Promoter practice on Friday, Doni did very well, taking it easy and testing out the track. Unfortunately, Doni only got in one good practice on Saturday before he started having problems with his bike. He finished 5th in his heat race, landing him on the 3rd row in the starting grid for the final race. Due to engine problems with his main bike, he almost didn’t make it. With his mechanic’s frantic fixes, Doni was able to ride it in the main, taking it easy beca

Press Release Rockstar/Hart & Huntington Tattoo Co./ Vince/Carter Powersport

Press Release September 22/23 - Stateline The weekend started out with RAIN RAIN RAIN… Somehow, Marche worked his magic and provided another successful weekend of racing in Primm , NV. We had some awesome results for the weekend and hope to keep it up for this next weekend’s AMA Supermoto championship race in Redmond, OR. The weekend started off with Carey Hart and Doni Wanat winning the team race. Carey’s weekend had its ups and downs. He took 3rd place in the 450 class but found no luck in the other races. Unfortunately, he broke a hub and sprocket in the 25+ VET class, lost air pressure in his rear tire in the 30+ VET, and fell in the last lap of the Open Pro main. The results just didn’t due justice to how well Carey was riding over the weekend. Team manager/racer, Doni Wanat, did very well in all of his races. Dealing with nasty weather that tried to ruin the fun-filled weekend and doing a great job with Carey in his first race of the weekend. He raced in four other events over th

Press Release: Declared Best Supermoto Store

As the supermoto race season gets into full swing, is plugging away, providing fresh supermoto parts and accessories to supermoto racers and street riders alike around the globe. Recently, two young ladies from Nashville were asked, "Excuse me girls, would you happen to know where I would find the best place to buy Supermoto products?" To which both girls happily replied: "!" in a cheery girly sort of way. This photo shows the girls' expressions just after they said "!" Motostrano has been selling the choicest supermoto parts and accessories for nearly five years now. One time, even Nicky Hayden called them to buy brakes. The Motostrano catalog is full of hundreds of supermoto specfic parts, tried and tested over the years by pro racers and average joe-blow street riders - a couple of shops have even tried to copy Motostrano, steeling images off their web site and trying to use them as their own- the little co

Join Troy Lee For Supermoto at MORONGO

September 6, 2007 - Corona, CA - Riders, teams and fans eager to attend Troy Lee's AMA Supermoto season championship finale at Morongo Casino Resort & Spa will be pleased to know that there should be plenty of places to stay during the November 9-11 weekend. "Most of the supermoto people will want to stay at Morongo so a number of rooms have been blocked for us," said event promoter Troy Lee, president and founder of Troy Lee Designs. "They will go quickly but there are many hotels within close proximity to Morongo and we'll identify a bunch of them on our website" Morongo is offering a five night weekend Supermoto event room package - Wednesday-Monday - at $875.00 as well as a four night package - Thursday-Monday - for $760.00. Room packages include Deluxe King or Deluxe Queen for up to 4 people. Complimentary shuttle from hotel to race site, and the outlet mall. Four and five night RV parking packages are $200 and $250 respectiv

Nashville Supermoto Photography by Wes Rowe

The one on the left. | | | | | | | | Big night time airness. | | | || | | | | | | | Zip, blang, blip. | | | || | | | | | | | A quiet moment alone while the bench mechanic gives orders. | | | || | | | | | | | Coulda, woulda, shoulda.

Hart, Dymond, Marks, Wanat at Nashville

With its unique layout and banked corners, no one can deny that the Nashville track is the one of the fastest and toughest tracks in the Championships scheduled this year! The track was a quick one, with concrete walls on its high banks clearly playing to the strengths of those with a background in flat track. Our riders adapted quickly. Using the banks to gain maximum speed and deftly avoiding the impact points which caused a few hard crashes during the weekend event. All Access Racing and sponsored rider Mickey Dymond didn’t have good fortune during his qualifier. Dymond, The winner of the last AMA Supermoto event, already riding on his backup bike, got into a high speed impact crash with Ben Carlson of the Aprilia team during the 2nd lap of the heat race. This left both bikes damaged, too damaged to compete. The heat race was red-flagged and luckily, the Rockstar/Hart & Huntington team was allowed to loan Carey Hart’s backup bike to Mickey. A quic

Cary Hart Candid Interview at Warped Tour

Calling all Carey Hart fans! Motocross legend, reality TV star, Pink’s husband— Carey Hart is known as all three. Hart recently embarked on a solo journey to this year’s Warped Tour, check out the video featuring a candid interview with the superstar as well as footage of Hart performing on-stage with Pennywise. Bitchin' video of Cary, riding, racing and interviewin'.

Street Races are very cool.....

As I find myself sprinting across the street I'm thinking to myself, wow these Sidi sliders actually provide pretty darn good traction ! no sooner had that thought left my mind I was aboard my bike kicking it to start the race....kick-kick-kick-kick-kick-kick-kick-kick as I hear my teammate yelling at me... go go go go go go go go.........bbbbraaaap finally !! Drop the clutch and off to turn one I go........cold front tire pushing as I try the inside on three guys, cool !, three gone...turn two I got two more and was able to hold a good spot goin into the next two turns as I'm trying to get a drive on the next two bikes at the beginning of the back straight which is a drag race....up inside I go, pinned laying on the bike trying to get every ounce of speed out of the little 250 which is reving her brains out. As I cross the rough section I loosen up on my grip to try to get the speed wobble out, no sooner had I done this and two of the 450's I passed get by me....DAM ! thr

AMA Supermoto in Hartford, CT

Rockstar/Hart & Huntington Tattoo Co./ Motostrano -JSTracing/Leo Vince/Carter Powersport The 5th round of the AMA Supermoto Championship is sure to be remembered as one of the best races of the season! It’s all over the internet and in all the race reports, it was a fantastic race! Congratulations Congratulations to Motostrano /JSTracing sponsored rider Micky Dymond of All Access Communications for a well deserved win! We’re coming back to the Championships after a six week break where Cary Hart participated in X-Games 13 and the team tested their new equipment. We’re moving up in points and expecting strong finishes from all of our riders. In the first practice session for the 450 Supermoto class, Cary lost a clamp bolt and was only able to complete 2 laps before having to return to the pits. He had more mechanical issues in the 2nd practice session so didn’t qualify for a good position in the qualifying grid. Regardless he pulled up and finished in 13th place for the race an

Ten Year Old Starting Petition to Change Helmet Law

Boise, Idaho -- A motorcycle accident took the life of a Boise man last week and now his 10-year old daughter is on a campaign to change Idaho's helmet law. The Chapman Family says their father and husband would be enjoying his daily routine today had he been wearing head protection. Emily Chapman is now adamant about requiring bikers to wear helmets, so she's starting a petition drive to try and change state law. "They had to do more operations to stop the swelling, they had to open up his head," said Julie Chapman, who lost her husband in the motorcycle accident. Julie describes how they tried to save her 43-year-old husband, Shane, this past weekend.She says Shane was riding his motorcycle last Thursday night on Fairview, east of Maple Grove. Boise Police confirm a car pulled out of the Pop-eye's Fried Chicken parking lot trying to turn left when Shane was approaching. "When she pulled out, he lost control, trying not to run into her. He flipped as he trie

Dymond shines at New England Supermoto

August 27, 2007 UPDATED! All Access Racing’s Micky Dymond earned his first-ever AMA Red Bull Supermoto race victory following a wild 20-lap final at Stafford Motor Speedway in Stafford Springs, CT. It was obvious the race would be a hectic and unpredictable affair right from the start, as championship favorites Jeff Ward and Mark Burkhart collided in the race’s opening corner, pushing the series’ top two riders to the back of the field almost as early as they got the green light. Heat 2 race winner Troy Herfoss on the HMC KTM took advantage of their misfortune early, concluding the first lap in first position. His time at the front was short lived, however, as a mishap of his own knocked the Aussie down to 20th position on the very next lap. Factory Aprilia star Ben Carlson was next, leading laps two and three before falling down the order (and ultimately out of the race). Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Robbie Horton inherited the lead, but only for a lap before dropping outside the top fiv

Morongo Casino & Troy Lee to host AMA Season Finale

August 23, 2007 - Following up on last year's highly regarded AMA pro supermoto season finale at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, Troy Lee and company are heading inland for this year's two-day racing finale to the spectacular Morongo Casino Resort & Spa. Located along Highway 10 in Cabazon, California between Riverside and Palm Springs, motorcycle friendly Morongo has welcomed the November supermoto event with open arms, as well as plenty of open space to accommodate another of the inventive racetrack layouts that has become a signature of Troy Lee's events. The Morongo Resort ( is one of the original California tribal gaming faciliti es and after undergoing a massive $250 million upgrade in 2004, was transformed into an award-winning 4-Diamond destination resort. The property boasts 310 deluxe rooms and suites, many with spectacular mountain vistas and canyon views, and a bevy of fine restaurants and nightclubs that will delight racers, teams and fans al

2008 Alpinestars Products

We've received our first preview information for the Fall 2007 and 2008 Alpinestars gear products due to roll out to the world in the next few weeks. Most of the items are things I took a gander at on my recent trip to Alpinestars Italy where many of the products were already released. Being one of the top Alpinestars dealers in the USA, we're keen to see what the factory will serve up to the US and we often advise astars on what we need and what we think would work. Looks like they listened for the most part and will be coming out with a great new lineup of street gear, plus a totally re-designed race glove line-up and some new bionic protection. A few months ago we explained that the flashy ways of ICON and the "stunt hooligan" look were dying fast and you better get out early or get stuck with a lot of imitation biker image product. Let's get some more classic looking stuff, practically retro, but not, something for the everyman, instead of only the wanna-be-f

Spousal Motorcycle Parts Purchase Approval Form

MOTORCYCLE PARTS SPOUSAL APPROVAL FORM Please complete the following authorization form before purchasing motorcycle parts if you are a married man. Original copies required. Please send by Certified Mail. Your Name: ____________ Your Nick Name: __________ Number of Bikes Your Wife Thinks You Own: (NONE), (1), (5), (10) (if more than 5 please provide a copy of your marriage certificate) Is one or more of your bikes "actually" hers but you tend to ride it? _____ Are your bikes stored at your or a buddy’s house? _______ Last time your wife saw your bikes? ________ (required if you are purchasing an exhaust, or other noticeable parts) How Many Years Have You Been Married? _______ Approved Purchasing Limit: _________ "Stretching-it" Purchasing Limit: _________ Secure Email Address: _____________________________________________________ (please no "" or "" Secure Shipping Address: _________________

Troy Lee Makes It A Double

Troy Lee Makes It A Double: Final 2007 AMA Supermoto Round and Pro Championship Race will take place in Southern California November 9-11 August 16, 2007 - Corona, CA - For the second consecutive year, Troy Lee Designs will stage the AMA pro Supermoto finale in Southern California. But this year, they're going to "make it a double" - a double-header that is, with the 9th qualifying round of the series taking place on Saturday, November 10, 2007 and the finale occurring the following day on Sunday, November 11th. This year the venue will move away from the ocean to a new location in the greater Los Angeles region to be formally announced next week. To great reviews, TLD hosted the 2006 AMA season championship final - "Troy Lee's Duel at the Docks" - at the Queen Mary in Long Beach. But for 2007 the Fall event moves to an exciting new venue. "Months ago we considered returning to the Queen Mary but they're in flux now and we would be unable to produce